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Top Health Innovation Founders Of Atlantic Canada In 2023

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In the serene landscapes of Atlantic Canada, where the rugged coastlines meet the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, a wave of innovation is sweeping across the region. It’s not just about breathtaking natural beauty; it’s also about the remarkable strides being made in health innovation ventures.

The Atlantic Canada Health Scale-Up & Investment Challenge is partnered with Imaginal Ventures and Halo Health, funded by Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub.

Let’s explore some ways this maritime haven is becoming a powerhouse of health progress:

Atlantic Canada is emerging as a cradle of healthcare innovation, where cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking solutions are transforming the way we approach wellness and healthcare. The region’s healthcare landscape is being reshaped by a commitment to innovation and collaboration. 

Check out the Top Founders for the Atlantic Canada Health Scale-Up & Investment Challenge below!


With its innovative spirit, collaborative nature, and dedication to innovation in healthcare, Atlantic Canada is showing the world how to create a brighter, healthier, and more healthy future.

DeCell Technologies Logo

DeCell Technologies Inc.

DeCell Technologies Inc. (DeCell) is a biomedical technology and device company that develops advanced regenerative tissue matrices for clinical use in wound healing and surgical reconstructions.



AIMA, a queer female-led team, has developed clinically tested patent-pending products for personalized period pain management.

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Amp Health

Amp Health is on a mission to prevent and manage chronic disease, beginning with type 2 diabetes.

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Au Naturel Solutions Inc.

Au Naturel Solutions Inc. created by Simonne Cormier, founder and CEO, is the first company to introduce a patented, all-natural materials handcrafted external breast prosthesis to the marketplace, filling a need for those looking for a natural alternative.

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CleanBands is building sensor and wearable based task compliance monitoring systems for businesses.

InkWell Health Logo

Inkwell Health Ltd.

Inkwell Health’s remote monitoring platform enhances physical therapy in-clinic visits with home monitoring to ensure patients complete treatments, avoid complications, and improve clinic revenues through the process after a knee surgery or injury.


MeddAI Medical Inc.

MeddAI Medical Inc. is at the forefront of revolutionizing cancer care with its state-of-the-art technological solutions. Founded in Canada with a heartfelt mission, the company stands on the pillars of early detection, effective treatment, and creating a lifesaving impact in the realm of cancer care.

MIMOSA Diagnostics Logo

MIMOSA Diagnostics

MIMOSA Diagnostics Inc. is a leading provider of intuitive, equitable, and accessible healthcare technology.

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Mobia Health Innovations

Mobia Health is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product company with transformative solutions to improve the patient journey and clinical workloads.



NeoCare, a Canadian medtech company develops non-invasive and painless methods of disease detection in new born babies.

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Parados helps elite performance and medical movement specialists analyze key biometrics on easy-to-interpret dashboards. In the short-term, we are a ‘rapid-test’ to remove accessibility and time barriers with the long-term vision of providing a ‘build-your-own’ motion capture system.

Dr. Gordons Bum Bum Cream Logo

Dr. Gordon’s/Scotiaderm Inc.

Scotiaderm is a Nova Scotian company led by CMO, Dr. Ann Gordon and CEO, Johanna Mercer. Dermategrity – previously known as Dr. Gordon’s Bum Cream (DGBC) – is our slate of accessible, proprietary OTC and Natural topical solutions for the Prevention and Treatment of Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD) – including Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) and Intertrigo (ITD).

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PragmaClin is led by CEO Bronwyn Bridges and COO Gord Genge, a serial entrepreneur diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2019. Their dedicated team is committed to enhancing the lives of those with neurological disorders. Their groundbreaking solution, PRIMS, is a digital assessment tool designed to monitor and assess the severity of PD symptoms.

Curious about investing in Atlantic Canada impact ventures? The Atlantic Canada Health Scale-up & Investment Challenge may be for you.