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Transforming Passion into Impact: Imaginable Solutions’ Journey in Spring’s Impact Investor Challenge

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The Spring team had the privilege of speaking with Lianna Genovese, the founder and CEO of ImaginAble Solutions. Lianna’s participation in Spring’s s Health Impact Investor Challenge presented by the Telus Pollinator Fund For Good is a remarkable story of transformation, passion, and the impact of social entrepreneurship.

ImaginAble Solutions and Guided Hands

ImaginAble Solutions is not your average company; it is a purpose-driven enterprise. The core of ImaginAble Solutions is Guided Hands, an assistive device meticulously engineered to empower individuals living with limited hand mobility, such as those affected by cerebral palsy. 

Lianna’s inspiration for developing Guided Hands was rooted in her background in biomedical and mechanical engineering and a close connection with Alyssa, a friend living with cerebral palsy. Alyssa’s story moved Lianna, who recognized the life-changing potential of Guided Hands in restoring creativity, self-expression, and self-confidence to those with limited hand mobility. This encounter ultimately gave rise to ImaginAble Solutions, a company dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people living with disabilities.

A Unique Problem and Solution

What sets ImaginAble Solutions apart is its unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive product. During their early research, the team discovered that many existing assistive devices were one-size-fits-all solutions that failed to address the diverse needs of individuals with varying levels of hand impairment. 

Guided Hands, in contrast, offers different-sized and designed handpieces tailored to an individual’s specific level of hand impairment. This inclusive approach ensures that the product can be accessed by people with varying degrees of hand mobility. Guided Hands has profound implications that extend beyond improving the lives of people born with disabilities. It also has the potential to assist individuals who have faced adversity due to injuries, such as spinal cord injuries or strokes, in regaining their independence and returning to work. Additionally, for students, Guided Hands serves as a powerful learning tool, aiding in skill development, homework completion, and enhancing sensory and cognitive abilities.

Impact Metrics: Measuring What Matters

One of the pivotal lessons that Lianna learned during her participation in Spring’s Impact Investor Challenge was the importance of impact metrics. She emphasized the need to quantify the impact of a social enterprise to hold it accountable. 

ImaginAble Solutions has embraced this principle, establishing impact metrics that align with their mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their customers. Lianna explains that interacting with the investors in the Health Impact Investor Challenge helped her form these habits within her company.

The Power of Spring’s Impact Investor Challenge

Participating in Spring’s Impact Investor Challenge was a turning point in Lianna’s entrepreneurial journey. It provided her with the opportunity to not only learn about the intricacies of investment but also to collaborate with like-minded investors and mentors who shared her passion for creating positive change.

A standout feature of the program for Lianna was the weekly check-ins with investors. This interactive space allowed for thought-provoking questions that inspired Lianna and her team to reflect, adapt, and refine their approach. The investors weren’t merely evaluators; they became mentors who guided ImaginAble Solutions toward a more impactful future.

Springing Forward: An Inspiring Journey of Passion, Impact, and Collaboration

Lianna Genovese’s journey through Spring’s Impact Investor Challenge exemplifies the power of passion, impact, and collaboration. ImaginAble Solutions and Guided Hands are making a tangible difference in the lives of people with limited hand mobility, challenging the status quo of one-size-fits-all assistive devices, and pioneering a more inclusive approach. It is amazing to see how Spring has impacted ImaginAble solutions and we can’t wait to see what is in store for them.