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Celebrating Innovation: Lite-1 Shines in the Women Led Impact Investor Challenge Finale

On November 30th, the virtual curtains rose for the Women Led Impact Investor Challenge, a thrilling showcase of pioneering women-led ventures.

Building Anticipation:

The air was buzzing with excitement as five outstanding women led ventures took center stage, each with a mission to revolutionize industries and make a positive impact. From fabricating bio-solutions to combating greenwashing, these visionary founders were on a mission to reshape the narrative of sustainability and profitability.

Unlike your typical online events, this virtual finale wasn’t just a passive watch. It was an interactive, lively experience that combined the gravitas of impact investing with a touch of humour. Participants found themselves engaged in witty banter, virtual networking, and spontaneous bursts of laughter. 

Tara Bosch, founder of SmartSweets provided insightful discussion on her entrepreneurial journey and hurdles she overcame as a female entrepreneur with Sevrine Labelle, Managing Director at BDC. We also got to hear from Ruth Shaber, Narinder Dhami, and Reece Tomlinson as they presented the data around the success of women led companies and why it is beyond time to invest in women. 

Who said finance and fun don’t go hand in hand?

Announcing the Winner:

In a moment of suspense, the winner of the Women Led Impact Investor Challenge emerged victorious. Drumroll, please! Lite-1, the brainchild of two dynamic biodesigners, Roya Aghighi and Sarah Graham stole the spotlight with their commitment to revolutionizing the colour industry. Their “impact first, business second” philosophy resonated not only with the judges but with everyone tuned in for the virtual extravaganza.

Lite-1: Transforming Colours, Transforming Industries:

Lite-1’s journey from the design industry to the realm of biodesign is nothing short of inspiring. Witnessing the environmental toll of the fashion and design industry, these fearless founders embarked on a scientific journey. Their unique approach involves harnessing the power of microorganisms to cultivate the colour factories of the future, where pigments have a purpose beyond aesthetics.

Want to start Investing in Impact Companies?

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