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The Spring 10-Year Impact Report Is Here (And We Think You’d Love It)

The long-awaited Spring 10-year Impact Report is here! Day to day at Spring, the founders, investors, team members, and community know that we are making a difference. Seeing it all laid out in this report is encouraging; that what seems like small changes daily could accumulate into big impact (especially after 10 years)!

Our Favourite Hidden Gems In The Report 

Trying to pick favourites in our impact report is a bit like trying to choose a favourite child – we don’t really have favourites, but we do have some moments that we are particularly proud of that we want to brag about.

Tina’s Introduction

Psst; I’m going to let you in on a little secret – we had to trick our Director of Operations, Tina Ippel into filming this video by telling her it was just a small little happy birthday video that many team members were filming, but then we decided to make it the entire introduction.

We were left with a very witty, funny video to open up our impact report, to watch it (and have a little laugh), head here. 

Note: Tina has forgiven us for tricking her and no Spring friendships were broken due to our scheme.

Seeing our First Social Media Post as Spring

We had to scroll an embarrassingly long time to find our first-ever social media post, and when we finally got to it we had a pretty long laugh about the singular “like” it had received. It was interesting to see the version of Spring we used to be and how different we are now. 

Our thumbs are still recovering from scrolling so far back but we hope you appreciate it.

Interviewing Founders and Investors

No exaggeration – never have we talked so much in our life as we did during the weeks we recorded all the interviews for the impact report – but we have never been happier to have a croaky voice! Getting to connect with the founders and investors that make Spring what it is, and hear their stories was so rewarding.

They are all over our impact report – scattered throughout the sections sharing their inspiring stories. They all have one thing in common: IMPACT. It is amazing to see so many different stories, different people, and different missions all be capable of making a positive impact on the world.

Our Teams Reaction

Our marketing team did a great job at keeping this project under wraps for months. Of course, everyone knew it was happening, but it wasn’t clear how the impact report would look and what exactly would be included. When we finally launched it on our birthday, our team Slack was flooded with team members so excited about the report! See some of their messages here:

Thank You For Making An Impact

Without you wanting to make an impact, there would be no report to write. So thank you.o matter where you are on your impact journey, we are flattered you’re spending some of your time with us. For more in-depth information and numbers, head to our interactive impact report here.