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Impact Startup Visa Alumni & Partners Spotlight, Feb 2024

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Immigration and Impact

We’re delighted to introduce our past and present alums helping to make impact and entrepreneurship mainstream! In no particular order, below is this month’s Spring Alumni spotlight. 

Smart Parcel Locker

New to our Alumni community is Chi Mguyen, with the highly innovative Smart Parcel Locker! This IoT-based smart parcel locker is a flexible self-service pickup gadget that offers 24-hour service. Scaled to change people’s lives for the better, Smart Parcel is a safe, economical, and convenient package delivery and retrieval system for apartment complexes, retail businesses, commercial buildings, and university campuses. We can’t wait to see how Chi Nguyen’s business impacts delivery!

Crop Forecast Assistant

With family in town, Thanh Tran arrived in Vancouver on Feb 12th, 2024. 

Bringing enthusiasm and business acumen, Crop Forecast Assistant is developed to impact the farming industry. As a revolutionary leap in agriculture technology, driven by the prowess of AI and Machine Learning, this platform meticulously analyzes an array of diverse data, encompassing historical weather trends, up-to-the-minute climatic updates, soil composition variations, and real-time crop health indicators. Through this holistic evaluation, the platform doesn’t just provide predictions but rather delivers insightful forecasts that empower farmers to make intelligent, data-supported decisions. 

Founders:  Kim Xuan Thanh Tran, Chien Luy Truong, Lan Bui Thi, Crop Forecast Assistant


Saeed Forouzan has been living in Richmond Hill, Ontario, since July of 2023 and is the Founder of the revolutionary multilingual culinary education platform, 1TouchFood. The site is packed with useful and practical information for foodies everywhere, 1TouchFood is the ultimate culinary center.


Jingxin Yang is the founder of  Datahoot, a revolutionary sales and lead generation tool for wholesale sourcing and data mining. Jingxin is turning his dream into a reality. “We use data to identify new business opportunities and help customers optimize their supply chain operations. Customers take advantage of our text-mining software to gain industry insights, locate niche profits, identify & verify new markets, and generate actionable sales leads.”

Partner Power 

Without our powerhouse partners, we wouldn’t be able to support our international Alumni with the benefits they deserve.  

Today we shine the spotlight on some very innovative partners.


CTRS understands the critical role of market intelligence in driving business success. Their team provides a comprehensive understanding of the business market, including trends, customer behaviors, the competitive landscape, and market dynamics. They empower organizational leaders with the research and analysis they need to make informed, data-driven decisions to capture emerging opportunities and avoid costly risks. With market intelligence, you can position yourself strategically with valuable insights by keeping a pulse on the market.

 The Package Service offered to our Premium program cohorts: The Micro Market Assessment will equip each startup with a strategic understanding of the Canadian market, which is essential for a successful launch. The resulting Market Intelligence Report will give the startup the knowledge to make informed decisions and craft a data-driven, go-to-market strategy. Each startup will have a clear direction for navigating the complexities of the Canadian market and moving forward with their business, and we look forward to our future journey together.


Deel makes it easy for companies to hire and pay employees and contractors worldwide. In addition, we support Global & US Payroll, US PEO, Visa & Mobility Support, and more. Companies under 200 employees can also enjoy HRIS for free. We serve over 20,000 businesses from SMBs to Enterprise players! If you’re currently employing people abroad, switching to Deel can make it easy to manage your employees in one unified HRIS, seamlessly file taxes, manage visas and more! 


Psymood makes it possible to virtually connect with a wide range of mental health specialists in many different languages who understand your culture.

Plus our current and past ISV cohort participants get a discount on their first 3 sessions. 

Tiny Planet Digital

Julie Wang is an ISV partner and an active guest speaker for our Premium Impact Startup Visa sessions. She represents the company Tiny Planet Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Vancouver, Canada servicing sustainability-focused clients around the globe. With a focus on customization, education and sustainable growth, the expert team at Tiny Planet Digital is here to help your Canadian business navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. 

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