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Can Men Invest In The Women-Led Impact Investor Challenge? (Spoiler: The Answer Is YES!)

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Note: We will be saying “women” throughout this blog post, but the Women-Led Impact Investor Challenge welcomes both women and non-binary founders.

We feel a little bit silly writing this blog post because of COURSE the answer to “Can men invest in a women-led business?” is YES! However, we do get this question quite a bit regarding our Women-Led Impact Investor Challenge which aims to equip women and non-binary founders with the knowledge necessary to raise capital.

Because this program is women-centric, we often have more women investors than in other programs. Though this is cause for celebration and pride, this often leaves some men investors asking the question – “can we be involved?” We are here to not just tell you that of COURSE you can be involved, but also, why you most definitely should be.

Women Founders Bring in Twice As Much Revenue As Their Men Counterparts

Did you know women founders bring in TWICE as much revenue as businesses founded by men? But are we surprised? When a woman puts her mind to something, especially growing a business, it is impressive to watch.

Women Leaders Increase Profit

Studies have shown that when 30% of leadership is made up of women, there is a 15% boost in profitability when compared to a leadership team with no women. This is just more proof that when you put women in power positions and invest in them, they will show you the money.

Women-founded Companies Often Out-Perform Men-founded Companies

In one study, they found that women-founded companies in First Round Capital’s portfolio outperformed companies founded by men by 63%. Not only are women extremely competitive in the business world, but they are outperforming men in many ways. 

Need We Say More?

We’ve shown you enough stats for one read, but if you need us to show you more, we promise we will! Women are worth investing in, not only for their sake but for your investment portfolio’s sake. 

If you’re interested in investing in women with the Women-Led Impact Investor Challenge, explore the program more here.