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I’ve Done an Impact Investor Challenge – Why Should I Do Another?

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We get this question so often we decided to write an entire blog post about it! The question is:

“I have already done an Impact Investor Challenge, does it make sense for me to do another?” 

The answer is YES – and I will tell you why. 

Whether you’re a founder or investor, we’ll share why doing multiple impact investor challenges is valuable and why you should consider doing one again. 

You Already Know The Ropes

You know what to expect from the program – the speed at which it goes, and the questions you will be asked. You can manage your time most optimally, as you already have a sense of the commitment it takes to be involved.

You Can Improve on Previous Learnings

As a founder you may think “I understand the due diligence process and I learned how to position myself during investment conversations during the challenge” but you can take these resources and level them up. Your last investor challenge may have been your first experience with these documents and processes, but this is your opportunity to get into the “nitty gritty” of them and understand the nuanced details you didn’t have the opportunity to last time.

As an investor, you can expand upon things you learned at the previous challenge. You can build off the questions you asked before as you’re introduced to new ventures, and learn from new investors. Now, you have experience in the deliberation period, so revisit how can you improve this process to help you make the best decision. What are different questions you wish you asked last time that you can ask this time?

You Will Grow Your Network

Although many go through the Impact Investor Challenge multiple times, the programs are always made up of mostly new founders and investors. This means having the opportunity to make new connections. At every corner of the Impact Investor Challenge, there are connections to be made – founders, investors, Spring team members, attendees of the finale, and so on. They bring the impact community together.

Was That Enough Reasons?

I could go on and on, but I think I will cut myself off here. It is not only completely okay to do multiple impact investor challenges, but it is also highly encouraged. 

If you’re interested, we are currently recruiting investors for our Women-Led Impact Investor Challenge, so whether you have been a part of a challenge before or this is your first time, you should explore the program!

Investors start here.

Quick Note From Spring To Founders

If you’re a founder who was chosen as a Top 15 Founder in a previous Impact Investor Challenge you can reapply to an Impact Investor Challenge after only 6 months, and if you were a Top 5 Founder you can reapply after 12 months. This timing gives founders the chance to apply their learnings from the previous challenge before entering the new one!