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Advancements in ATLANTIC CANADA: MEET The 2024 Top Founders of CLEANTECH

Dive into a world where sustainability meets impact, and investing in the future is full of hope. We’re happy to share the Top Companies of the Atlantic Canada Cleantech Scale-Up & Investment Challenge who are providing the latest and greatest in cleantech on the East Coast of Canada. In our Impact Investor Challenge, they get an incredible hands-on experience in the room with investors, learning how to better position their impact businesses for investment. 

The strides they are making in the world of sustainability and environmental change are nothing short of mindblowing and we can’t wait for you to get to know them over the coming weeks leading up to our finale.

Meet the Top Founders in Cleantech

A business intelligence software for net-zero supply chains, Acuicy makes it easy to engage and incentivize suppliers to cut emissions at source. Acuicy uses deep data and AI to give tailored business intelligence with financial ROI to help businesses make decisions faster and cut operating costs while reducing emissions. Allison Murray is a 2x Founder with 25 years experience leading sustainability and climate change strategies with some of the world’s largest companies in the UK, Australia and North America.

A pet health innovation company that helps revive rural fishing communities by matching their supplies of fish “waste” with our biotechnologies and proprietary processes to upcycle it into sustainable, traceable and scientifically formulated pet health and nutrition products.

At KorrAI, we measure ground motion (land subsidence) using satellites, identifying risks before they become disasters. We provide planetary-scale, accurate risk maps to monitor infrastructure, properties, roads and mine sites, enabling smarter decisions in a changing climate.

These founders are preparing to pitch their purpose-driven companies where a group of investors will deliberate and decide which company is ready to scale its business to the next level.

Interested in making an appearance? Click here to register for your ticket for our VIRTUAL finale on March 6th (today!) before it’s too late: