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Diversifying the Face of Investment to Put Capital into the Black Community in Canada

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Back for its sophomore year and brought to you by the Afrodescendent Leadership Alliance, Spring BlackTech Capital and Capital M Ventures.

The amount of money in the hands of Black venture capital investors is dismal, which also shows up as disparately low investment in Black founders and their companies. Diversifying the face of investment increases business innovation, economic inclusion and opportunities for the creation and dissemination of intergenerational wealth. It’s way past time to get more Black investors into venture capital and start making investment more equitable for Black entrepreneurs. 

The Angel Investor Program is a foundational course for new and emerging investors and innovative leaders who want to develop their investment knowledge and start changing the game from the inside, by investing directly in companies, investing into venture funds or both. Through seven virtual sessions (1 – 2 hours each) over four weeks aspiring investors will get: 

Your course is led by Marlon Thompson, CXO @ Spring and former Founder + CEO @ Future Capital. Portfolio highlights include Chia Smash, Haloo, Curie, belliewelli, Sunscoop, Brood Care. Guest speakers will join in on instruction, including a seasoned Angel Investor, Black VC Leader and a Racialized Exited Startup Founder. Capital M Ventures’ Melissa Allen + BlackTech Capital’s Bryan Duarte will be supporting your learning and connections with office hours, while Program Managers Neema Rimber & Deborah Chima answer any questions you have through the course.

The program takes place Tuesdays 3pm PT/ 6pm ET and Wednesdays 3pm PT/ 6pm ET.  It’s brought to you by the Afrodescendant Leadership Alliance, Spring, BlackTech Capital and Capital M Ventures. Learn more and register at