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From India to Canada, shared Immigrant Stories

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Living abroad as an expat can be an enriching and transformative experience. But ultimately, the expat experience is a unique journey. 

Today’s speaker, Heena, shares her personal account of moving from New Delhi, India to Vancouver, Canada. Below is her immigration story:

When and why did you decide to immigrate?

I decided to immigrate at the end of 2018 and landed here in 2020. The process took approximately a year. 

Where is your hometown?

New Delhi, India

What was the main reason you moved countries? 

I moved to Canada for greater lifestyle opportunities. I was curious about the geographical diversity Canada has to offer. 

How easy or complicated was the immigration application for Canada? 

The immigration process was pretty easy. From applying for PR to citizenship, my partner and I followed the official Government Canada Website procedure. 

On arrival, what was living in Canada like? Did you have a positive or negative experience? Anything funny/humorous take place

I moved in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic so it was quite isolating in the first few months. However, we deeply enjoyed the access to the outdoors and outdoor lifestyle.

What have you missed most about your home country?

Moving to a new country does have its challenges. The thing I miss most about my home country is proximity to our community (family, friends etc)

What have you enjoyed about living in Canada? 

In Canada so many people look like me so I’ve never felt like an outsider. Canada is a diverse population and there is always someone of similar background of culture to connect with. 

Based on your experience, would you emigrate again? 

No. It is a huge life milestone that requires a lot of preparation and mental resilience. Plus I am very happy in Canada 🙂

As a fellow expat, what’s the best advice you can give a person or family making the big move?

The first few years of being an expatriate in a new country are going to come with multiple challenges you probably have never encountered before so I recommend having a very strong WHY behind the decision to move. And referring back to that WHY time and time again. 

-end of interview-

In recent years Canada has become a hot spot for immigrants moving abroad. Below are a few reasons why: 

Overall, Canada’s appeal as an immigration destination lies in its combination of economic opportunities, high quality of life, cultural diversity, and welcoming society.

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