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From Brazil  to Canada, an Immigrant’s experience

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Embarking on a journey from the vibrant streets of Brazil to the serene landscapes of Canada is not just a physical relocation; it’s a cultural one too. In this blog post, we share Fabiola’s account on moving from Brazil to Canada, exploring the nuances of two vastly different yet equally captivating countries.

When and why did you decide to emigrate?

I emigrated to Canada in May of 2022, when my partner – Canadian – and I decided to have our wedding in the Rocky Mountains. The decision was based on being able to spend more time with his family and to explore better career opportunities for myself.

Where is your hometown?

Florianopolis – Brazil

What was the main reason you moved countries? 

There were 2 reasons that motivated me to move from Brazil to Canada. Getting to live closer to my in-laws was a key factor but I also felt Canada could provide me with better long term career prospects.

How easy or complicated was the immigration application for Canada? 

The paperwork for the application was really complex! I decided to do it all myself without an immigration consultant, which required a lot of studies and a lot of networking so I could grab tips from other people. Working with a company or expert would have made things a lot simpler and less stressful, during an already stressful time.

On arrival, what was living in Canada like? Did you have a positive or negative experience. Anything funny/humorous take place

Besides missing my family and friends, being in Canada was always an exciting adventure for me. The lifestyle, food and outdoor activities are so different from the ones back home. I feel like I’m constantly experiencing something different and exciting.

I’ll never forget one rookie mistake! During my first winter, I bought a beautiful plant without thinking about the walk home in -10 degrees temps. Well, sadly the plant did not survive a -10 walk outside!  Coming from a tropical place, it’s the small things that become big learnings!

What have you missed most about your home country?

People back home are definitely number one. I also miss living close to the beach and mild weather.

What have you enjoyed about living in Canada? 

I really enjoy all the new ways of exploring nature in Canada. My love for mountain activities has been growing over the years. It is also great how much multicultural cuisine is available on your doorstep!

Based on your experience, would you emigrate again? 

Probably not since we already have to share our time between our families in Brazil and Canada!

What is one piece of advice you can give anyone who is embarking on moving abroad?

It is crucial to understand that once you move to a new country you will be starting from zero in almost all areas of your life. It could be because of your language or network. But it is important to set your expectations around that so you don’t get frustrated or surprised. If you are moving with your family, communicate these expectations to everyone in your family unit.  

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