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Impact Startup Visa Alumni & Partner Spotlight, May 2024

ISV alumni David Alva of PXR Labs, Feryar Einkhah of Pyroltech, and Abel Osório of Nubel.

Immigration and Impact

David AlvaPXR Labs

David has participated in our Fall 2021 program and has been living in Vancouver since July 2022. Recently, he officially became a Permanent Resident. His company – PXR Labs (formerly Proximity Training) – provides Immersive Content for the Digital Age, creating value-driven digital transformation solutions with VR/AR/3D technologies.

PXR Labs has recently established a strong partnership with NEXT-SYSTEM, a Japanese company whose lead product, the AI pose estimation engine “VisionPose”, is trusted by over 400 companies in Japan. They have agreed to a partnership which will fully use their combined knowledge technologies and aim to broaden the scope of their global operations. 

Feryar EinkhahPyroltech

Feryar and her team joined our ISV Program in Fall 2020. They moved to Vancouver and brought their impact business Pyroltech. Their company designs and manufactures mobile/stationary pyrolysis machinery to convert non-recycled plastic material to fuel oil and produce Biochar from Agricultural waste. Pyroltech is focused on finding the best solutions for clean technology and energy by cleaning up waste resources.

Pyroltech has passed the second stage of the Canexpo program called the Canada-Turkey Sustainability Program. They will be pitching to Turkish partners as the final step. If accepted, they will participate in their cohort in Turkey next month and gain numerous global opportunities.

Abel OsorioNubel

Abel is the founder of Nubel, with over 15 years of experience in software development and running a staffing agency. He has witnessed firsthand how broken the hiring process can be.

Nubel aims to revolutionize hiring by building a Global Talent Pool with verified data. Their innovative Chain of Trust system ensures every profile is reliable, making it easier for employers to find the right candidates quickly and efficiently, reducing bad hires and improving the overall hiring process

Spring is Proud to partner with Ink LLP

Ink LLP provides legal counsel to high-growth startups, helping them navigate the complexities of scaling their businesses. They have been a valuable partner to our community.

Our ISV alumni continue to inspire and lead in their respective fields. Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our vibrant community of changemakers from around the world.