IMPACT Startup Visa Accelerator

For purpose-driven entrepreneurs seeking to anchor their business in Canada.

Move to Canada, scale your business, and maximize your impact through the country’s only impact-first startup visa program.

Spring’s IMPACT Startup Visa (ISV) Accelerator Program is a comprehensive 4-month program that combines traditional business acceleration with processes, support, and a community to help you solidify Canada as the home base for your business. 

Our team at Spring comes from diverse backgrounds and we know immigration and moving countries can be a challenge, especially if you’re taking your business with you. Let us help you make it easier so you can create an even bigger impact as an entrepreneur working to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

Operating under the banner of Canada’s Start-Up Visa (SUV)—a program that supports entrepreneurs seeking to immigrate to Canada to accelerate innovation and job creation in the country—our online Impact Startup Visa Program combines the training, mentorship, opportunities, and connections you need to help unlock growth and crystallize your company’s impact on people and the planet.

The program focuses on five key objectives: 

  • Providing you with pre-program support on setting up the right foundation for your business in Canada
  • Introducing you to the Canadian entrepreneurship ecosystem and to our consumer and business cultures 
  • Delivering training and mentorship that cover all aspects of doing business, with a focus on Canada
  • Helping you maximize your impact on the world through better impact definition and measurement
  • Teaching you the process and providing the tools you need to successfully raise capital to fuel your efforts

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Attend our upcoming live webinar and learn more about the Canadian impact business ecosystem and our IMPACT Startup Visa Accelerator program. 

Why Immigrate to Canada?

The environment you choose to grow your business in matters towards achieving growth and success.
Canada provides an array of infrastructure and ecosystems to help support impact founders and their families. If you need help selecting a new home country for your startup, read our article on why you should choose Canada as your HQ.

Why Choose Spring as Your Designated Organization?

A certified B-Corporation, Spring is a global incubator and accelerator that empowers entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ecosystems to build better businesses and change the world through innovation. Through our global advisory services, we have helped more than 80 different incubators, accelerators, foundations, and governments on 5 continents enhance their capacity to maximize impact both in their local communities and globally. With our impact programs, we have helped more than 700 entrepreneurs create 350 companies and raise more than $24M in funding.

Is Our Impact Startup Visa Program the Right Fit?

  • Your company is purpose-driven, for-profit, and focused on having a positive impact on people and/or the planet
  • You want to maximize your market opportunity and impact as a for-profit entity
  • You can demonstrate that your vision will be best served by moving permanently to Canada
  • You’re able to clearly articulate the problem you solve and how your unique world-changing approach brings compelling value to the market
  • You can demonstrate measurable customer validation and progress
  • You can show that you have the financial capital to support the effort (see the criteria for Canadian permanent residence and work permit applications)
  • You qualify to apply for Canada’s Start-up Visa (SUV) program (find more information in our Program Pack, downloadable at the top of this page)

What's the Application Process?

Step 1: Assess your eligibility for the Start-Up Visa Program (includes having a qualifying business, meeting the language requirements, and bringing enough money to settle — see the full requirements here)

Step 2: Prepare your application for the Impact Startup Visa Accelerator Program (download and review application questions here)

Step 3: Apply for the Impact Startup Visa Accelerator Program (use this form)

Step 4: Go through initial screening, two rounds of interviews, and a due diligence process with Spring (please note that the process can take up to two months)

Step 5: Once accepted, selected participants receive a Letter of Support from Spring as their Designated Organization for Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program

Step 6: Submit your Letter of Support and the application package to the Start-Up Visa Program (we advise applying minimally 4-6 months in advance of your preferred start date to allow sufficient time for the application process and for the submission of all documentation)

If you’re interested in applying for our January 2022 intake, we recommend submitting your application as soon as possible to ensure sufficient time for the application process.

When's the Next Intake?

The next cohort begins in January 2022 | Application Deadline: November 14, 2021

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Those received immediately prior to an upcoming intake will be considered for the following cohort. 

Cohorts begin generally in the Spring, Fall, and Winter and one intake is limited to 15 companies.

Ready to Apply?
We're looking forward to receiving your application!

Frequently Asked Questions

The total cost of the ISV program is CAD $30,000 + GST for the first applicant. If the primary applicant wants to bring in team members as applicants, additional costs are as follows:

  • $8,000 + GST for each additional member, includes PR application support and optional accelerator attendance 

The program runs for a period of 4 months during which you’ll be expected to attend virtual training sessions 2 days per week. 

We do accept companies that are pre-launched but recognize that admission is competitive. Come prepared with a strong application that justifies your background and experience in the business that you intend to establish.

We often work with immigration lawyers who have clients that qualify for the Impact Startup Visa Program. For a more comprehensive understanding of our process, you can download an information pack here

For the full list of FAQs, click below.