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Who should apply for Canada’s Start-Up Visa

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Canada Start-Up Visa program stands as a beacon for innovative entrepreneurs worldwide, offering a pathway to permanent residency in one of the world’s most thriving and diverse economies. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this program, exploring its eligibility criteria, application process, investment requirements and the journey to obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

Canada’s Startup Visa Eligibility Criteria

Embarking on the journey towards securing a Canada Start-Up Visa? Prospective applications must have: 

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Application Process

The application process for the Canada Start-Up Visa program begins with submitting an expression of interest, wherein applicants create a detailed profile and attach supporting documents, including a comprehensive business plan and a letter of support from a designated organization, like Spring!

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Supporting Documents

Central to the application process are the supporting documents, particularly the business plan and the letter of support (from an incubator like Spring). The business plan should outline the following: 

The letter of support, endorsed by a designated organization (like Spring’s Impact Startup Visa program), validates the business’s credibility and growth prospects.

Canada’s Start-up Visa Investment Requirements

A crucial aspect of the Canada Start-Up Visa program is the minimum income requirement requirement.

As per the Canadian Government website: “To qualify for a work permit, you must have enough money to meet the minimum income requirement (for your family size) for 52 weeks. Make sure you clearly show that you have the amount listed”

The money must also be:

Proof of funds accepted includes:

Documents that guarantee payment of a set amount of money to you, like

Processing Time and Fees

Navigating the application process involves dealing with processing times and associated fees. While the average processing time varies based on several factors, applicants can explore expedited processing options for a swifter outcome. It’s essential to familiarize oneself with the breakdown of application fees and available payment methods to streamline the process. 

Permanent Residency

Securing permanent residency marks the culmination of the Canada Start Up Visa journey, with recipients receiving a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and subsequently landing in Canada. 

Success Stories

The Impact Start-Up Visa program has witnessed remarkable success stories, with numerous start-ups making significant strides in various industries. These success stories not only underscore the program’s efficacy but also highlight its profound economic impact, contributing to job creation and innovation in Canada.

Spring takes a leading role in helping candidates navigate this process, through our quarterly cohort membership. Take a look at some of our latest alumni success stories here.